Gmail symbol

Some time ago Google plus switched from the HTTP protocol to the more secure HTTPS, which means that everything under its umbrella is protected by a cryptographic key. But as they themselves say, they cannot watch over what others do or do not do. On the one hand, they have added a small icon in the form …

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Magic of Celtic Symbols

The Magic of Celtic Symbols

The origin and meaning of Celtic symbols are difficult to determine, since the Celtic people did not leave knowledge, history and customs in writing, and the evidence that survived the passage of time has been transmitted by word of mouth. This, however, has helped to forge more myths and legends, surrounding the existence of this civilization with …

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Celtic Symbols

The symbol of the five points and its five Celtic meanings

Celtic meaning of the five-point symbol Five times the Celtic meaning of the five-point symbol This page is dedicated to the Celtic meanings within the Five Doubles Symbol (symbol shown at the top). The central green circle represents the fifth element .) The Celtic meanings surrounding the fivefold motif are fascinating and powerful in meaning. Specifically, I am completely enchanted by the …

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Career symbol

A career is defined as being the succession of positions occupied by a person during his professional life (the Latin root of the word means “progression”). This succession of positions can take place at functional, structural, and/or geographic levels. The notion of career is built through two dimensions: a professional dimension and a personal dimension. From a professional …

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Bullet Point symbol

Bullet Point symbol copy paste | Dot Symbol ⚪•⚫◘

The bullet point is generally used at the beginning of each element of a list of objects for example: First element Second element Third element To copy a bullet point symbol, click on it and with the right mouse button select ‘ copy ‘Bullet point signs can also be obtained by using the Alt + code key combination on the numeric keyboard.The codes that start with & # are unicode characters , which you can …

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Arrow Symbols

Arrow Symbols Signs (copy and paste emoji text symbol) ➵ ➶ ➷ ➠ ➢ ➤

Meaning of the Arrow Symbol The arrow is a graphic sign, used to mark or indicate the direction, being a simple shape composed of a segment with a triangle on one side, and in more complex shapes the representation of the current pretty arrows symbols. The direction (down, up, right, left) is that which continues along the length …

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