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“ The sun will shine once more ” – Nelson Cavaquinho composed this beautiful song that marked several generations. The generator of energy and life has always been revered by humanity and animals, often considered a supreme deity or north, and even for contemporary society, opening the window and feeling the sun touch your face with its heat is almost a bottle of daily hope. Sun symbol

If, on the one hand, man had in his imagination the desire to step on the moon, on the other, he also saw the sun with great curiosity, but in a prohibitive way, as in Greek mythology, which tells the tragedy of the dreamer Icarus, who had its waxwings and bird feathers melted for trying to get close to the divine star. Divinity is maintained, even by other stories, such as when mothers teach their children to say good morning to the sun when they wake up in the morning.

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The sun is present in several ancient beliefs, customs, and rituals, where the Sun Festival is held, reverencing the Sun God or Inti. In Alchemy, the star symbolizes perfection; for the Chinese, it represents imperial power. But in general, the sun is a symbol that represents love, light, royalty, and birth, a true human guide.

The religious significance of the sun is also related to infinite entities. In some traditions, he was considered the “Universal Father”, or, for example, in the Australian culture, he was called the son of God. In others, the symbol of the sun was associated with Christ, in which its rays represented his apostles. In Christianity, the cycles of the sun, from sunrise to sunset, symbolize resurrection and hope.


In Egyptian mythology, Ra became one of the greatest deities of the religion and was called Sun God or Sun God, due to the importance of light for food production. As religious beliefs changed, Amon was considered the supreme god, and, from there, the junction between the two gods emerged, which became known as Amon-Ra (Amon = cult and Ra = Sun). Over time, the deities of the sun were also associated with Horus, Sobek, and Khnum, all connected to royalty.


The sun god was comprised of four phases, which are the cycles of the sun: the sunrise, called Khepri; noon, contemplated as a bird or boat sailing; the sunset, which was seen as an old man descending to the land of the dead; and the fourth phase, the night, a boat that sailed to the east that was preparing for the day to come, that fought to escape from Apep, the serpent of the underworld that tried to kill it. But, his main phase was at noon, when he was seen as a bird, most of the time a Falcon or the Phoenix, famous for being reborn from the ashes.


In the esoteric, the universe and spirituality are represented by a circle, and the sun is symbolized by the circle with a dot in the middle, meaning the manifestation of the essence of life placed in a spiritual universe. Therefore, the sun is the spiritual manifestation of each person’s personality.

The sun in astrology also sees the star as something that symbolizes nobility, ego, and conscious will. Its position on the birth chart also shows the way we spread energy in relation to what happens in our lives.

Being the heart of the zodiac, the sign where the sun is at sunrise indicates our true spiritual home, where we have inherited countless of our characteristics.


The sun and the moon could easily live a love story, as the two are opposites, the light and the dark side that together create a harmony. The sun was considered to be the immortal god that was born every morning and set himself every night in the realm of the dead, being able to take men with him and give them death. While the Moon followed the laws of eternal return, having the notion that death was never final

Like Yin-Yang, a principle of Chinese philosophy, where yang (sun) is light and Yin is darkness. The eclipse is often seen as a moment of harmony, the junction of the two sides.


The sun symbol tattoo is one of the oldest and most popular designs among all, mainly because it symbolizes hope, overcoming, light and the direct relationship with the love for nature. It is also indicated when you want to honor someone who has changed your life, that is, who has arrived and illuminated your path.

Sun tattoos have undergone several fashions over the years, one of the most famous remains the Maori style, inspired by the indigenous peoples of New Zealand, which goes far beyond aesthetics. According to stories, Maori tattoos have an amulet meaning, which protected and strengthened the warriors who had marked skins.

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