What is our objective?

The degreessymbolmac.com website aims to provide reliable and relevant information on symbols meanings, concepts, and definitions for anyone who needs a simple and clear explanation of the most varied topics.

Confidentiality and privacy

The degreessymbolmac.com website receives and maintains information from your browser on our servers, including your IP address or page references that you searched for.

The degreessymbolmac.com website uses cookies and other technologies to record your online experience and to learn how our services are used in order to improve the quality of our content.

Very important: no data collected, including the email address, is shared with third parties. Our sole purpose is to continue offering the best possible content to each user.

Access our Privacy Policy to obtain detailed information about cookies and Google ads.


The only form of financing for this website is the sale of spaces for online advertising.

Why do we have advertising? Well, so that the project can continue to produce high quality content, totally free for our users. Advertising funds the content production team, the costs of hosting the website and its technical maintenance.

Advertising is always properly identified and separated from the content that is the responsibility of the website.

Editorial independence

The content and editorial guidelines of the website are completely independent of advertising. We do not have sponsored content, and the products or services mentioned in the content are made based on independent editorial criteria.

Supplementary notice

All content on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be considered complete or up-to-date, just as it is not intended to be used in lieu of legal, financial, medical or other professional advice. The contents are provided without warranty of any kind. All the risk of the use of the contents is assumed by the user.

Why are some content anonymous?

For us, the center of our work is the content itself, the quality and the rigor of the information we present.

For this reason, our content is usually produced collaboratively and is subject to editorial review processes and continuous optimization by the entire team.

The topics presented on the website are defined by the editorial team and developed in co-production between the different professionals and specialists that make up the team of editors and reviewers at degreessymbolmac.com

We have authors and reviewers who help us meet one of our core purposes: to ensure top-quality, completely unbiased content.

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