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Known as the shadow of the sun, or its nocturnal reflection, the moon has always been a mystical symbol in our history, mainly because of its phenomena that directly influence our planet, such as its action on the tides, or in relation to fertility , with the connection between its cycles and the embryo’s genetic cycle.

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In addition, we still have other mystical meanings of the moon, such as the fact that it is a strong symbol of the secret, of the most intimate core, contemplator of dreams, secrets, desires and statements that, many times, seem unattainable. On the other hand, we have the darker side, which evoked beasts and lights of darkness, like a werewolf contemplating her.

Altogether, this star parallels human life, with several passing phases that alter everything and everyone around him, it is the great psychological reflex that we pass from childhood to the day of our death. Like us, the moon acts in a passive, unstable and receptive way.

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When the light is illuminated by the sun and shines white in its night sky, we call it a full moon. It occurs when you complete your 180-degree movement.

Symbolically, it is the moment when it represents the balance, the union, the junction of the negative and positive side. At that moment, the full moon favors growth, strength and movement. Therefore, it is time to expose yourself, to be more sociable, to cut your hair to give more volume, to flirt and win promotions at work.


The crescent phase, also called the Crescent, is when only half of the moon receives sunlight, while the other is on the mythical dark side.

Symbolically, it is the renovation, the growth, being a great time to invest in new projects, meet new people to relate and cut your hair to expect good growth.


Practically invisible to worldly eyes, in this phase, the moon disappears because it is aligned with the earth and the sun.

Also suitable for facing new projects, this phase is perfect for reorganizing, but in a personal way, facing particular issues and breaking currents of the past. Because of this, it is time to renew, buy clothes, start beauty procedures, invest financially etc.


It represents the end of the phases and the beginning of a new cycle, which occurs when the Earth, Moon and Sun are at an approximately right angle, in a way that we can only see half of the lunar disk.

This is the time to retire, save yourself from conflicts, favor surgical treatments, apply hair dyeing, evaluate business and introspection in relationships.


Man has always seen the moon as a second sun, so his relationship has always been linked. At the same time that this connection exists, they are seen as opposites that, together, seek balance. While the sun exalts and is a hot symbol, the moon retains and is seen as colder. Like Yin-Yang, a principle of Chinese philosophy, yang (sun) is light and Yin is darkness. Therefore, the eclipse is often seen as a moment of harmony, the junction of the two sides.


The meaning of the moon in the tarot is something very mysterious and brings energies that can change during the path of reading. But, in general, it appears to warn about mistakes and illusory situations in the life of the person who turned this letter around. It brings instinct as a symbolism, having the ability to foresee the questions raised by the consultant.

While, in love, she brings a warning to the person to stay more down to earth in the relationship, at work she indicates new doors in the area of ​​creativity, but also alerts to the gossip that may be making you.


Also called Chonsu, Chons, Khons, Khensu or KhonshuKhonsu is an Egyptian moon god, whose meaning is “traveler”, which refers directly to the moon’s nocturnal travels through the starry sky, where they say he was fundamental in the appearance new lives in all living beings. Khonsu has a reputation that surpassed Egypt, that of a healer, mainly because it has the story that Princess Bekhten was healed after approaching the image of the Egyptian moon god.

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As we explained throughout the text, the Moon is a strong mystical symbol that represents phases and, in moon tattoos, this is no different. They are very connected to the female audience, mainly because her story is the sun’s counterpart.

Moon tattoos are very versatile in their most diverse phases and forms, but they are usually linked to a mystical, hidden side, of great wisdom, to balance (or Yin-Yang, as we quote). It is also very common for mothers to tattoo them as a representation of a new cycle, of motherhood, of their children.

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