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Some time ago Google plus switched from the HTTP protocol to the more secure HTTPS, which means that everything under its umbrella is protected by a cryptographic key. But as they themselves say, they cannot watch over what others do or do not do. On the one hand, they have added a small icon in the form of an open padlock in the upper corner of the message that we receive and is considered suspicious. If the other person’s mail server doesn’t support the TLS protocol, Gmail will warn the user.

For what reason Apple is deflated and Alphabet rises like foam (and what all of the aforementioned means) Understand more From Gmail they affirm that they always and at all times comply with the authentication rules to avoid impersonation in emails and other inconveniences. But “as you need at least 2 people to send and receive an email address -they say-, not all mail services comply with these rules”. So they have included 2 measures so that users are calmer every time we read or send a message to an unknown address.

Google+, Coinciding With Safer Internet Day, Yesterday Announced Two Security Measures For Your Gmail Emails

Apart from integrating these symbols in the subject of the email address, you can also include them in the Preahder Text, if the subject of the email address is short, it will also show both the text and the icons included in the inbox making it that much more impressive. This header text is not loaded in all mail managers, but in Gmail, which is the most used, yes, so it is not superfluous to include it and also try to make our calls to open the mail more striking. Perhaps you have noticed in your mail folder, that there are companies that use different symbols in the subject of the email you receive with the goal of attracting attention and forcing you to open that email address. You may think that applying this in your communications in this way is very complicated and that you need special technology, but it can be as simple as copying and pasting those symbols and also inserting them in the communication that you are going to send. As you can see in the image that accompanies the news, the letter is much thicker in the new logo and represents the four colors of Google plus such as red, blue, green and yellow.

You can make your subject much more attractive and draw much more attention to the view of the user who receives it than the rest of the emails that do not use this technique, especially making your email stand out among the rest of the ones you have in the tray input. There is also a danger and it happens that some reader can confuse that symbol as “spam”, although as always and at all times he encouraged you to evaluate the results to know if you get a higher opening rate with this technique. Although it was not included on the keyboard of the first commercially successful typewriters, it was found on at least one model from 1889 and on the highly successful Underwood models beginning with “Underwood No. 5” in 1900. It came into use in email addresses in the 1970s,

How Do I Include A Symbol In The Email Subject?

Google+ is continuously doing a job in security and against scams, since unfortunately and incessantly cybercriminals increase and their methods improve. This icon has color gradients, so it cannot be modified. Copy the base64 encrypted information and also insert it into your HTML or CSS document.

Time will tell if this change in the color scheme and design continues to bring many successes to these apps, but what is impossible to doubt is that the initial identity of the simple Gmail logo will not be the same for the time being. Your build is denied, you can progress your plan to get unlimited builds. To choose a new icon, simply drag it to the ‘In Employment’ region. The system gives set sets of ‘one star’, ‘four stars’ and ‘all stars’, although you have the ability to select any number you want. At the moment when we have now chosen the symbols, we go to the bottom part and click on ‘Save changes’.


Google plus adds that “over time our products have become much more integrated, so much so that the lines between our apps have begun to blur. Right now our new Google+ Workspace brand reflects this more connected, useful and malleable experience and our icons will reflect the same.” Since 2013 Google plus has not made such a major change in the Gmail logo and that is causing the social network of users to have already criticized the change. However, there are some other tweets where it is criticized that all these logos, having very similar colors, make it difficult to differentiate them, especially if we use a mobile device where the size of these logos are not exactly large.

What Does Samsung Mean?

This content is made by an advertiser and does not interfere with the information on Computer Systems Technician, Digital Prepress and Graphic Designer. Gamer by birth, technology as a way of life, if it has a button I want it. Writing to give insights is the much purer way of learning.

Some designs have logos and elements from well-known manufacturers. These are intended to be used solely for editorial / personal / educational purposes, unless you have the appropriate authorization from the brand in question. Choose from HD Gmail HD PNG graphic image resources and download them in PNG, SVG or PSD look. Use this Gmail transparent HD transparent PNG image for your personal projects or designs. Completely in accordance, if a conversion symbol is placed next to the subject of the email, the mail, newsletter or informative and promotional brochure that is sent to customers has a much higher chance of being opened.

Concept Of The Different Symbols In Gmail

The Computer Group | Technology within everyone’s reachThe portal where you will find each and every one of the news about technology, mobile phones, computers, apps, computing, video games, comparisons, tricks and manuals. So watch who’s sending you emails and pay close attention to all the likely triggers, because the question mark in a Gmail email has a meaning. So, if you see a question mark in the photo of the Gmail contact, it is preferable that you ignore said email and if we are talking about something essential, you contact the entity by phone or physically. Now Google plus has added a function that will allow us to understand for sure if we are facing a phishing account or a real account, is the sender verification where a question mark will appear on the contact’s photo. These changes have been completed in the Google chrome browser and in the Android application. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

These 2 measures do not mean that all messages displayed under these two conditions are malicious, although it does warn us that we should exercise extreme caution. And it doesn’t mean that Gmail emails are much more secure now than they used to be. To ensure the privacy of your communications, the data must travel encrypted continuously and completely from the sending computer of the message to the recipient of the message. Gmail users must use a mail client and produce their cryptographic key to be sure that nothing and no one reads their mail.

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