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copyright symbol

The symbol indicates that a specific work (text, photography,painting, etc.) is protected by copyright, ie that the author has the right to be indicated as the owner of that work.

The © symbol is used to point the presence of reserved copyright. It consists of a circled “C”, which derives from the English word copyright.

you can type in keyboard for Copyright Symbol on mac, word and linux

Copy and Paste Copyright Sign ©

Copyright Symbol Mac

You can choose from different keyboard shortcuts:

Alt Gr + c ©

Option + G

Alt + 0169

Alt + 184

copyright symbol keyboard

On Windows-based computers, you can add the copyright symbol anywhere you can add text with simple keystrokes.

Press the Alt key and hold it while typing 0169 on the 10-key keyboard to create the © symbol.

On some laptops and netbooks with compressed keyboards and without a numeric keypad, the process is different.

  • Locate the number keys. They are shown as small small numbers on keys 7, 8, 9, U, I, O, J, K, L and M. They act as keys zero to 9 when NumLock is activated. If you don’t see the tiny numbers on the keys, try them anyway: M = 0, J = 1, K = 2, L = 3, U = 4, I = 5, O = 6, 7 = 7, 8 = 8 , 9 = 9.
  • Press the NumLk key On some laptops, press Function + ScrLk , which is the keyboard combination for NumLock.
  • Press and hold the Alt key . (Some laptops require you to press and hold the Alt and FN keys.
  • Enter 0169 on the NumLk keys.
  • Release all keys to see the symbol.

How to Insert Symbol Copyright from Keyboard from Linux

We have always had a Linux as our working device, for home, so our interest is to know How to Insert the Copyright Symbol from the Linux keyboard . Well, let’s proceed with this key combination AltGr + Shift + C . This combination will allow us to enter the copyright symbol quickly and easily.

Other options to write the copyright symbol ©

If the keyboard shortcut seems too hard for you, you can always copy a copyright symbol from elsewhere and paste it into the text on Windows and Mac computers.

The © symbol is also included in the character maps on most machines.

  • In Windows 10, type map in the search box on the taskbar and then choose Character Map from the search results. You can also access the Character Map as follows: Start Menu> All applications> Windows Accessories> Character Map .
  • In Mac, click Edit on the menu bar and select Emoji and symbols . Type Copyright in the search bar.



The first evidence of the use of this sign dates back to some Scottish almanacs of 1670 (a kind of calendars containing astronomical indications), but in reality this symbol was introduced long after the birth of the concept of Copyright that dates to Ancient Greece, when the authorship of a work was already recognized.

TU: Does this mean that if I don’t see the © symbol in a work it’s not registered?

No, it is not mandatory to report it in the work and the author is always protected.

In fact, since 1886, the year in which the Berne Convention was signed, copyright has been “active” since the creation of the work, so it is no longer necessary to report it in any way, even if the symbol remains used for habit especially in Anglo-Saxon countries.


It often happens to see the symbol © for example near a name, on a book or on an image or the symbol ® of registered trademark.

These two signs have a precise and distinct meaning, which is not always clear to non-experts, which is why it is useful to explain the differences briefly.

The circled R symbol ® is used to indicate a registered trademark. This means that the trademark that identifies a product, service or company has been deposited at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM – if the protection is valid in Italy) or at other offices in charge (if the protection has a supranational territorial extension) through an application for registration and that the request has been approved.

Like that of copyright, even this symbol is not mandatory: the registered trademark is protected effectively even if you do not use the circled ® next to it. more info in wiki

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