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The Triangle symbol is one of humanity’s most mystical geometric symbols. There are so many mysteries and concepts that we often have no idea why, but we always associate it with secret groups, such as the Illuminatis, or with mysterious places that are indecipherable to humanity until today, such as the Bermuda Triangle. But, just as it is wrapped in several enigmatic meanings, it also represents many positive things that few know about!

Triangle SymbolTriangle NameDecimalHex
Black Up-pointing Triangle▲▲
White Up-pointing Triangle△△
Black Up-pointing Small Triangle▴▴
White Up-pointing Small Triangle▵▵
Black Right-pointing Triangle▶▶
White Right-pointing Triangle▷▷
Black Right-pointing Small Triangle▸▸
White Right-pointing Small Triangle▹▹
Black Down-pointing Triangle▼▼
White Down-pointing Triangle▽▽
Black Down-pointing Small Triangle▾▾
White Down-pointing Small Triangle▿▿
Black Left-pointing Triangle◀◀
White Left-pointing Triangle◁◁
Black Left-pointing Small Triangle◂◂
White Left-pointing Small Triangle◃◃
Black Lower Right Triangle◢◢
Black Lower Left Triangle◣◣
Black Upper Left Triangle◤◤
Black Upper Right Triangle◥◥


Formed from three sides, the symbolic history of the triangle has always been present in religions and cultures around the world, where it was used to portray a most holy Trinity.

In Christianity, for example, it was: God the Father, Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit, where we have different beings, but who are the same essence, one.

In Hinduism, they were Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (the preserver) and Shiva (the destroyer); the same was repeated in Egypt, with Isis, Osiris and Horus; in spiritism we saw God, spiritual principle and material principle. In the Celts, on the other hand, we had the triangle represented in the aspects of mother earth: virgin, mother and elder.

Even in Philosophy we saw the symbology of the triangle associated with a trinity, Plato defined: being (perfect model), becoming (copy of the model) and receptacle (space, place).

To better understand all these meanings, we can take as a basis what the esoteric schools say about the meaning of the triangle. Seen as the divine trinity, we can understand all religions as one side, harmony, the other, wisdom and, finally, perfection, as in Christianity, for example.

If we pay attention to all the meanings of each culture and religion, we will realize that the triangle is a symbol of the sum, which needs two complementary elements to give rise to a third, as well as the sum of life and death, which results in the evolution of man, or light and darkness, which result in knowledge, among others.

Triangle Symbol text emoji symbol COPY PASTE

Triangle SymbolTriangle NameDecimalHex
White Up-pointing Triangle With Dot◬◬
Up-pointing Triangle With Left Half Black◭◭
Up-pointing Triangle With Right Half Black◮◮
Upper Left Triangle◸◸
Upper Right Triangle◹◹
Lower Left Triangle◺◺
Lower Right Triangle◿◿
Heavy White Down-pointing Triangle⛛⛛
White Triangle Containing Small White Triangle⟁⟁
Triangle With Dot Above⧊⧊
Triangle With Underbar⧋⧋
S In Triangle⧌⧌
Triangle With Serifs At Bottom⧍⧍
Right Triangle Above Left Triangle⧎⧎
Left Triangle Beside Vertical Bar⧏⧏
Vertical Bar Beside Right Triangle⧐⧐
Down-pointing Triangle With Left Half Black⧨⧨
Down-pointing Triangle With Right Half Black⧩⧩
Large Left Triangle Operator⨞⨞
Plus Sign With Black Triangle⨨⨨
Triangle SymbolTriangle NameDecimalHex
Plus Sign In Triangle⨹⨹
Minus Sign In Triangle⨺⨺
Multiplication Sign In Triangle⨻⨻
Triangle SymbolColorItalic Symbol
Black Up-pointing Triangle red
Black Up-pointing Triangle orange
Black Up-pointing Triangle pink
Black Up-pointing Triangle green
Black Up-pointing Triangle royal blue
Black Up-pointing Triangle purple
White Up-pointing Triangle red
White Up-pointing Triangle orange
White Up-pointing Triangle pink
White Up-pointing Triangle green
White Up-pointing Triangle royal blue
White Up-pointing Triangle purple


Freemasonry, a famous secret society that uses philosophy and philanthropy as a basis, uses the triangle as a symbol of spiritual development and maturation. Its sides represent light and darkness, while its base meant duration.

Through the influence of Grand Master Benjamin Franklin, the triangle became a very famous image on the dollar bill, where we see the tip of a pyramid with one eye, being illuminated by the sun: the so-called All-Seeing Eye.

Another curiosity is that the society calls the Masonic Triangle, a nucleus formed by three to six Masonic masters with the intention of forming a Masonic Lodge – which is the structure where Masons gather to work in a ritualistic manner according to the rites they adopt.

For them, triangles have three meanings related to terrestrial elements: the right triangle, which symbolizes water; the isosceles triangle (two identical sides), which symbolizes fire; and the scalene triangle (three uneven sides) that symbolizes the air.


In Alchemy, the equilateral triangle (that is, a triangle with all its sides equal) is used to represent the four elements, so that the triangle pointing upwards symbolizes fire; the triangle that also points upwards, but has a cut of a horizontal line, symbolizes the air; while the triangle pointing downwards represents water and the other that also points downwards, but with a cut of a horizontal line, symbolizes the earth. Thus, these four types are organized and form the pentagram, famous symbol of Alchemy.

An interesting curiosity is that, in Roman, Greek and Indian cultures, the equilateral triangle downward symbolizes the woman, for representing the pubis or female sexual organ. In other cultures, two equilateral triangles unified by their base represent the waxing and waning phases of the moon, while being joined by the tips, they represent the union of male and female.


Given these diverse meanings, many are still confused when it comes to getting a triangle tattoo, but at the same time, it is one of the most successful symbols in the tattoo world, for both sexes.

If, for example, you choose a design with an upward facing triangle, you may be wanting to convey the meaning of fluidity, change or, for men, virility. When the form is turned downwards, it can represent the feminine or passivity.

There are also those who tattoo the famous triangle with an eye inside, which can mean a Christian symbol, the “Eye of Providence”, which represents spiritual knowledge or omniscience. So, as we said above, it can also represent something mysterious, like Freemasonry.

But there are those who only use it to sympathize with the geometric shape or, for people who like many tattoos, it is a great option to fit in small empty spaces.

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