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Star Symbol

Star Symbol

The Star symbol light, hope, energy, freedom, faith, eternity and the search for life. Given its wide use, it is often used to represent very differently, even opposite, concepts, and is therefore perhaps the most paradoxical symbol.

The star as the image of a number with the corresponding value. It is a symbol of eternity, of light, of high aspirations and ideals. In the various traditions of thought, each person has his own star, which is born and dies with him (or the soul of the person comes from the stars, and then returns to her, such a perception is present in Plato ). These attitudes are related to the fate of the astral bodies, the estimated impact of the stars on the fate of the world and the individual has formed the basis of astrology. The stars are associated with the night, but they also embody the fortress, forces oppose the forces of darkness.

It is also used as a symbol of divine majesty.

The Sumerian cuneiform sign to indicate a star has acquired the meaning of ” heaven “, “God”.
The common star as a graphic symbol in an image whose meaning depends on the type, the number of rays (or angles), and the color.
The flaming star in the Masonic tradition is a symbol of the mystical energy center of the expanding universe and appears as a reflection of the sacred fire of Solomon ‘s temple.

star of David

The triangular star as the biblical symbol of God’s providence (the blind). The four-pointed star is associated with a cross, a symbol and a guiding light. The five-pointed star as a way of “cosmic man” has often acted as a talisman . In Egyptian hieroglyphics, it meant ascent to the summit and was part of words like “educare”, “maestro” and the like. The inverted pentacle is a symbol of the forces of evil, and is used in black magic. The six-pointed star of David (the two blue triangles cross and form a six-pointed star) is similar to a five-way star, and has been considered oberegom, in Hebrew it is called Magen David, Shield of David“- that is, God as the protector of the people of David. The Kabbalists have used this symbol for protection from evil spirits, the Jewish community of Prague has placed the star of David as their official emblem. It is now a symbol of the Zionist movement ( former six-pointed yellow star celebrated by Jewish identity). The six-pointed white star is the star of Bethlehem , a Christmas sign. The seven-  pointed star as the star of the East has been known since ancient times. eight-pointed as the symbolism of the cross, it is twice the size of the four-star, it is also a symbol of the Sumerian goddess Inanna. The twelve-point star is a symbol of perfection.

The Polar star serves as a guide for the peoples of the northern hemisphere. While in China, it has been considered as “the navel of the world “

Make star symbol with keyboard

If you want to insert a star symbol with your keyboard, you have the choice between many different stars. We present some symbols for you.

Tap the star symbol on the keyboard

  • You need a keyboard with a number pad to insert the stars. By pressing the “Num” or “Num Lock” button, you can type in the numbers there.
  • Hold down the [Alt] key on the bottom left of the keyboard and use your other hand to type in the respective combination in the number pad.
  • There are numerous characters that can be inserted in this way. Below you will find a small selection of star symbols.

Overview of star symbols

  • ★ = 9733
  • ☆ = 9734
  • ⋆ = 8902
  • ⍟ = 9055
  • ✡ = 10017
  • ✩ = 10025
  • ✪ = 10026
  • ? = 127775

The five pointed star

The five-pointed star represents the new man. The Human Being develops himself by chasing the Self-Consciousness along the path of the Self. The Human Being who, having overcome the educational conditioning and reached the totality of the super-ego, goes in search of the psycho-ego is like the five-pointed star. A five-pointed star executed with a closed line.

pentagram star

The Human Being follows his life following a line by closing a cycle through the construction of his Being Power and developing Self-Consciousness. This line that the Human Being travels goes from the birth of the physical body to the death of the same. The line is the continuous development of itself and the Five Pointed Star recalls the essential elements in which and through which its development takes place.

The five-pointed star is closed within a circle because the Universe surrounds the entire cycle of becoming of the Human Being.

Five tips.

Each point symbolizes a goal along the Self-Consciousness to be achieved or harmonized by the Human Being in the course of the formation of its own becoming. The highest point represents the individual’s reason. The rationality by which the individual describes the world in which he lives between forms, quantities, numbers and names. The world of reason is the world of description we, as Human Beings use reason and from reason we have to start to think the world because only reason is able to think the world, describe it and communicate it.

Reason as science, as scientific research, as analysis. The reason that builds the Human Being in an attempt to bring order to the surrounding world after the emotional world and the world of time has been blocked, in their intervention on consciousness by the GIH barrier.

As the individual faces his or her existence with passion, emotion and determination, that point tends to shrink. Rimpiccolissi. This is because as the educational conditioning that fixed the control of reason on the individual is limited, the emotional worlds and the world of time begin to communicate their needs and their intuitions to consciousness: the GIH barrier weakens. As educational conditioning changes, weakening, the barrier inside the brain tends to weaken and reason loses its central position in the individual to occupy a fragment of the existential condition.

Reason loses absolute control of the individual. Reason, expropriated from the place of pre-eminence in determining the individual’s choices, as owner of the same, becomes an instrument of use for the individual. The individual is master of himself.

The right tip of the star signifies feeling. Not just hearing, which is an aspect of it, but feeling as an overall perception of the surrounding universe, understanding and connecting its elements at the same time. The feeling is the expression of the emotional world. The world through which we build relationships with every subject in the world. Feel the emotions of the subjects of the world. Feel the throbbing of the surrounding world and the flow of tension lines.

The left tip of the star symbolizes seeing. To see means not looking at the shape of things with the eyes, however part of seeing, but the vision of the essence of things, which, although referring to the eyes, is seen with the whole totality of the individual’s body.

Seeing is seeing time. See the actions and their effects in the world. See as a perception that pushes the subject to action.

See also as the need for action of the Luminous body that grows within the Physical Being. The totality of his needs and his way of being. Its bands of light, its tensions.

Finally the last two tips at the bottom. The right tip represents the super-ego, the left one the psycho-ego.

These two points tend to develop as the Human Being proceeds along the path of development of Self-Consciousness along the path of the Self. They develop homogeneously as the Human Being proceeds. They can be unbalanced when a Being prefers to act by privileging the daily world of reason, the super-ego, or the emotional aspect of the world, the psycho-ego in which to concentrate one’s action in one’s life.

Finally the central pentagon. It represents the balancing principle of Human Being. It is the will to be; the will to be, the existential will. The determination. The desire to walk the path of one’s existence. The continuous reaffirmation of oneself in a world in which infinite selves reaffirm themselves. It is the principle of movement for movement.

When a Human Being dies, in the sense that his Life Energy begins the stagnation process, the starting point of death is the pentagon. The seat of the will as the balancing principle of the Human Being. The will: the Vital Energy made Being. The will is the surrogate for the reason for the will. The will is the narrow passage that the individual must travel in order to reach the will. The will is what is left to the Human Being, even if limited by the Educational Conditioning and by the barrier inside the brain, from which we can start to walk the path of Self-Consciousness.

This is the meaning of the five-pointed star drawn by a closed line inside a circle. When the central pentagram is regular and all five points are equal, it becomes the symbol of the Human Being who has not chosen. A Human Being in which becoming is still intact, but not in act, not even as a beginning. The larger the lower points of the star, the greater the approach of the Human Being to the totality of himself. To Self-Consciousness along the Self.

The five-pointed star represents the Human Being.

The five-pointed star represents the psychist.

The five-pointed star represents the Guardian.

It can never and never represent a follower of the Beings self-posed as a creator god.

They can only pray that their “god” grant them the dissolution of themselves as nothing. The five-pointed star represents truth seekers; contradictions; of becoming.

Origin of the Five Pointed Star

The five-pointed star entered the western symbolic imagination in 1556 when Vincenzo Cartari published in Venice “The Imagini de i Dèi de gli Antichi”. That text brings the symbolism of the Five-Pointed Star closer to the Christian cross in its alleged appearance to Constantine. The five-pointed star appears to the Romans during the wars of Antioch. The Roman general dreams of Alexander the Great who gives him the five-pointed star, with the letters Salus or Igea, and the Roman general adorns his insignia before the clash with the Galatians. The Galatians are defeated and the five-pointed star adopted as a symbol.

Constantine was a character who used the apparitions to justify his side. A propagandist of his time to whom Hercules had appeared on another occasion and for different purposes. Cartari’s text is one of the very first texts that speak of the Ancient Gods outside the rhetoric of the demonization of Christians. The design of the Five-pointed Star also appeared in the text of Cartari.

It is from Venice, from 1556 onwards, that the Five-pointed Star becomes the symbol of a religious path different from the Christian one, representing, in all circumstances, the new that emancipates itself from the old. After the translations of Marsiglio Ficino and the flourishing of the neo-Platonism that gave birth to the Italian Renaissance, with Pomponazzi, Giordano Bruno, Pico della Mirandola, Cardano, Vanini, Casanova, the Five-pointed Star spreads in Europe and is made its own between the end of 1500 and 1600 by Freemasons as a symbol of freedom from Christian absolutism. After the United States revolution, the Five-pointed Star spreads all over the world.

If you want to represent the five-pointed star inside a circle with the presence of the Gods of the Pagan Religion it is necessary to know the religious thought of the Pagan Religion and the meaning that the Pagan Religion gives to the names of the Gods and how the Pagan Religion substantiates the reality of the Gods .

The Five Pointed Star Symbol
and the Pagan Religion

It is not possible to define the Five-Pointed Star symbol of Pagan Religion if you do not know the relationship between the meaning of the symbol and the Gods that those meanings represent.

For example, the circle that is called Universe in Witchcraft. In ancient pre-Christian religion, referring to Orphism, it was called Nera Notte. Nera Notte, in which Gaia appears substance of every existence in the universe, is a uterus of life. An unconscious uterus that however begins to pulsate and manifest its intelligence at the very moment when the first intelligence, the first self-awareness, becomes aware by starting that process of transformation that leads the unconscious Gaia to universal awareness at the end of time. Time that kicks off in the womb of Nera Notte. For this reason, whether it is called the UNIVERSE or BLACK NIGHT circle, it is absolutely indifferent.

It is the principle of the Genius Loci of the Ancient Religion of Rome. The Genius Loci is the awareness and awareness of the place that is built and nourished by the awareness that inhabits that place: being the GOD of the place.

This also applies to the points of the star; change the name, but not the meaning. If I call the upper point Zeus-Poseidon-Hades or, more simply, Zeus, absolutely nothing changes since reason, understood as form and quantity that describes the world in which the Beings of Nature are born and act, is built by Zeus . The space of reason is claimed by Zeus as the right to build life, the life of Nature, against the Titans through Titanomachy.

The same is true of the two lateral points, which are feeling and seeing: one means time and the other emotions: they are worlds and are subjective ways of perceiving the life and the world in which we live. The emotions and the emotional world that we perceived since we were in the primordial soup (or in the womb) are represented by Uranus Starry and the world of transformation, of the eternal modification of each present, is the world represented by the Titan Cronos.

The same goes for the two bottom tips. Talking about the world of the superego and the world of the psycho-ego is equivalent to talking about the everyday world and the worlds of perception and transformation. Where one is the world of Hera, Nature, and the other is the world of the search for the freedom of perception that the individual perpetually practices and it is the eternal search for the freedom of Demeter that leads to change every lived experience.

And finally the center of the five-pointed star, the will. The toothed sickle which Cronos took from Gaia’s hands to build his space and which he imposed on the children of Nature through his daughter Estia. Persistence that feeds transformation.

Reading this symbol in this way allows us to link it to ancient religions, but nothing changes compared to the reading that Witchcraft gives it.

Meaning Star symbol tattoo

An initial tattoo could represent the following:

– Hope
– Ambition
– Finding your way
– Desire to make the stars
– A desire to achieve high goals
– Success or achievement
– An interest in astronomy
– A challenge to conquer
– Religious faith
– Transformation
– You belong to the navy or the coast guard and you want a symbol that “shows you the way back home”
– Individuality or uniqueness
– The birth of a child

tattoos design with star and stars

Tattoo compass

Since tattoos with stars are often used or were used by sailors or travelers, they were often accompanied with tattoo compasses, precisely to underline the concept that both the star and the compass, should help those who owned them on themselves, to return healthy and except at home.

Meaning star tattoo

The star can be at least in part, united, to the meaning of the pentagram, since it too is a star, albeit with some still deeper meanings and connections with the pagan and occult tradition.

Anyone who has a star tattoo or a tattoo that has many stars, also wants to bring meaning related to friendship, perhaps by connecting that symbol with a friend (lost or still alive) to whom he was very fond and who had a strong bond with we.

Shooting star tattoo

The shooting stars, identified a person or an event that no longer exists, that has gone to die or simply that has gone away and is no longer with us. In this case, a tattoo of a star, must have a folded tail like the rainbow, to be more easily identified and differentiated from the normal stars that shine in the sky at night.

Comets, or as better known falling stars, are often symbols of good luck, and having this design as a tattoo can be representative of one’s good luck in life.

Adding the detail of the tail of the shooting star, made of shimmering powder, will help you cover a larger area that, otherwise, would leave only a small and insignificant star, perhaps personalizing the design with some other details depending on the position of the tattoo.

Chain star tattoo

Chain-formed star tattoos are becoming increasingly popular with men and women, mainly because they can symbolize a variety of things for those who own them. The chain is a symbol of a strong bond of belonging, therefore synonymous with indissoluble friendships or eternal loves, or family ties that will never break.

Purple star tattoo

Getting a purple star tattoo is a way of depicting your personality through the color and symbolic nature of the star. The purple color is a combination of the aggressive energy of red and the calm stability of blue. Purple, therefore, represents the balance of elements and emotions. This may not be the true inner state of many people, but such a star can symbolize desires and aspirations: thus, the combined symbolism of the purple color balance and the aspirational nature of the star make this tattoo perfect for anyone who wants to achieve peace. and inner balance. For more information about Symbol read here.

Zebra star tattoo

Within animal symbolism, the zebra can represent balance, freedom and individuality. Its stripes allow it to hide in the long grasses of the African plains, hiding them from predators and offering a means of defense. Those who wish to incorporate the powerful symbolism of this animal with the equally powerful symbolism of the star can do so in various ways. An easy way is to adapt the nautical star design (discussed above) and alternate the points with black with zebra stripes. Other ways to make the zebra star tattoo unique would be to draw a small star and then fill it with zebra stripes or make a series of zebra stars along the body.

Butterfly and Star Symbol tattoo

Butterflies are often seen as a symbol of rebirth and the incorporation of these metamorphic insects with the stars can create a unique image that indicates both rebirth and the search for particular objectives, represented by the stars. This particular tattoo is very feminine in color and design: vibrant shades of pink, purple, orange and blue are used for both butterflies and stars, which often include a sparkling effect.

Star and clouds tattoo

Clouds symbolize different things across cultures and mythologies. For example, in Greek and Roman mythology, clouds served as the home of the gods, and many people today believe that storm clouds symbolize future bad luck or danger.

Depending on what you want the clouds to symbolize, then, the tattoo design with stars and clouds will mean one of many different things. For example, a stormy star tattoo shows that you have gone through difficult times to reach your goals. Another project would be to have bright yellow stars in a field of white clouds, to symbolize that those loved ones you have lost are in a better place.

Flowers and star tattoo

Flowers can represent growth and development, so incorporating this image into the star tattoo design is a great way to add another level of meaning to the tattoo. Stars are often used to represent goals and aspirations, so putting the two images together can point to personal growth while working towards your goals. For example, lily flowers represented fertility, in ancient Greek and Egyptian cultures, therefore, a drawing with a lily and stars can represent a woman and her children.

Star and skull tattoo

A skull and star tattoo is a must for anyone who loves skulls but wants to incorporate a more layered meaning into their design on the skin. An interesting idea is that the star contains a skull, almost as if it came out of the flesh: this can represent death or trauma since the skull is often representative of death and the star is the accomplishment of a difficult task. Or you could incorporate the Jolly Roger, the famous pirate flag with a skull, inside a nautical-style star: this could demonstrate the two forces that guide your life, that of seeking freedom and doing what comes to us required.

Star and fairies tattoo

This star tattoo is very feminine and often indicates imaginative imagination or a desire for a better reality. A potential design incorporates a fairy sitting on a crescent moon, with sparkling stars in front of her: this tattoo means the craving for something more than the depressed face of the fairy could indicate, with the stars symbolizing dreams for the future. To learn more about Scottish mythical entities including fairies read here .

Heart star tattoo

Making a star to heart tattoo is a very fun, positive and cute statement to the world: life is good enough and you see the best of things! There are several ways to draw the heart in the form of a tattoo . If you want to keep things small and simple, getting the outlines of both shapes is a great idea, especially if you overlapped them on one side.

Tattoo star and musical notes

Musical note tattoos are quite popular, especially among musicians and singers, but if you are looking for something different, try incorporating a star or two into the design. One way to do this is to choose a fragment from your favorite piece of music and tattoo the notes surrounded by stars. You could also create the notes themselves in the form of stars rather than in circles, perhaps demonstrating your goal of playing a particularly difficult piece.

Tattoo star and the vine

Tattoos bearing the vine plant are incredibly decorative pieces and have been the favorite image for many years for many people. Adding stars to your vine plant tattoo can add meaning and visual interest, and there are several ways you can do this. For example, instead of leaves or flowers that come out of the vine, you can replace them with stars: this ome meaning brings the fact that the objectives you have achieved over the years have been important steps sought and fought but, in the end, fully achieved.

Star and dice tattoo

Dice are not a common choice for a tattoo today, as they indicate gambling and were usually used by hardened players of various kinds in the past. But if you see the symbolic meaning of dice not necessarily connected only to gambling, we can say that they indicate the fact that the person who carries the dice on himself, aspires to risk, therefore also to risk in life. The star is a reinforcement of the fact that the person likes to play with fate and finds life flat and quiet boring.

Southern Cross Star Tattoo

The Southern Cross constellation is depicted on the national flag of Australia and this tattoo demonstrates the national pride and love of every Australian for their country. If you want to emphasize your love for Australia, you could tattoo this tattoo over your heart, or on your shoulder or back.

Star of David tattoo

The Star of David is an important symbol in Judaism, and the Jewish people in Hitler’s Germany had to wear a Star of David on their clothes to identify themselves as Jews.

Flaming star tattoo

Flames and fire can be incorporated into almost any star tattoo design and beyond. The element of fire can indicate aggression, anger, desire, transformation and change and your willingness to burn anything, even yourself, in order to achieve your goals. Combining the flames with the stars in your tattoo can demonstrate that you have forged what you are or your destiny, or that you have crossed the flames of life and come out even stronger.

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