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Infinity symbol

The infinity symbol ∞ has the form of the number eight lying down, that is, horizontally. It is associated with infinity due to the fact that neither the beginning nor the end of the symbol can be determined since all its elements are connected.

This symbol was first used in mathematical studies by John Wallis, in the year of 1655 to represent when certain elements have no limit. Wallis was apparently inspired by the Greek symbol of the uróboros.

Indeed, the infinity symbol is believed to be related to the ancient Greek symbol of the uróboros, in which a snake-shaped animal or features, such as a dragon, bites its tail. The image is associated with the eternal return, with the cycles that are repeated and eternalized. It represents, then, a conception of life as an infinite, although not linear, phenomenon. It is not strange, therefore, to see the infinity symbol represented as a coiled serpent in the shape of ∞.

For the alchemists of the Middle Ages, this symbol also represented unity in diversity, since they believed that things were transformed into others. By this principle, life was not only perceived as cyclical, but all its elements are integrated

Infinity symbol from keyboard

The key combination for the infinity symbol varies depending on the keyboards used and the operating system. In the case of Windows it can be obtained, as appropriate, with the combinations:

Alt + 8734


Alt + 236

What does it mean? Keeping the Alt key pressed, from the numeric keypad the numbers 8,7,3,4 in the first case or 2,3,6 in the second must be pressed in succession.

Infinity symbol without a numeric keypad

If our keyboard does not have a numeric keypad, just identify the alphabetical keys in which the numbers also appear (which are usually in small, different colors and on the upper part of the individual keys) and repeat the same procedure.

This combination works for Word and Skype.

Infinity symbol copy and paste

To bring the infinity symbol back to any other text editor you can select, copy and paste where you need the following symbol:

This method should not be underestimated because unfortunately, the key combinations for the infinity symbol may not work on some operating systems, keyboards or fonts. In this regard, our list of special characters and symbols may be useful.

Sign of the infinity symbol

Attention to one thing. In Mathematics the infinity symbol goes preceded by a sign. That is, we speak of:

  • more infinite: + Infty
  • less infinite: – infty

These are two symbols that you will find (almost) always in the calculation of the domain of a function and especially when you are dealing with function limits.

Very often on school books you find the infinite symbol without a sign and in this case it indicates both more and less infinite, that is pm infty.

I advise you, with particular reference to the university environment, to always carry the sign.

That’s all: as a useful study I leave you the link for the list of the most used mathematical symbols.

What is Infinity:

infinity symbol

Infinity is an adjective that means that something has no limits, that it has neither beginning nor end. The word comes from the Latin infinitus, which means ‘without limit’, ‘indefinite’ or ‘indeterminate’.

The concept of the infinite has application in the language of common use as well as in various areas of knowledge, such as philosophy, theology, mathematics, geometry and astronomy.

In common parlance, the word infinity is used to indicate that something is very large or enormous. For example: “The number of grains of sand on the beach is infinite.” It is also used in the sense of indicating distance and imprecision of something. “The path stretched to infinity.”

Infinity in mathematics

In mathematics, the concept of infinity does not refer to a quantity or number precisely, but rather to the absence of limits in a certain direction or to a possibility. In any case, it designates a value greater than any other that can be attributed.

It is represented by the following symbol: ∞. This symbol, which looks like a number eight in horizontal orientation, is characterized by having neither beginning nor end.

In mathematics, the infinity symbol is used more often to indicate infinite potential, rather than to represent an actual infinite quantity such as numbers (which use another notation).

It must also be said that we speak of extended real numbers meaning the set of real numbers and including positive and negative infinity in this set. This set of numbers is widely used

I had already told you about infinite potential in the last article. However I do a review of two lines:

By infinite potential we mean, not so much a larger quantity than any other, but rather a large quantity to taste. So a quantity that can grow as long as we need it.

Obviously it’s a fairly rough definition, but I think enough to clarify the concept.

For example, the infinity symbol in mathematics is used in series and limits, such as the following:

sum _ {i = 0} ^ { infty} { frac {1} {2 ^ {i}}} = lim _ {x to infty} { frac {2 ^ {x} -1} {2 ^ {x-1}}} = 2,

Evidently in this case, the infinity symbol stands for an arbitrarily large quantity (towards infinity), rather than meaning the infinite value itself.

Infinity in metaphysics

In metaphysics, infinity is a concept that does not admit any kind of delimitation, since any effort to delimit, contain or define is, in itself, a negation.

Infinity in religion

In religious thought, especially in the monotheistic religions or religions of the book, God is represented as an infinite being, as he has no beginning or end, and cannot be defined or limited to a concept.

The symbol of infinity is not a new symbol: through the centuries and the various cultures it has been used to represent different concepts and ideas. There is a particular ritualized meaning in some areas of India and Tibet, where the symbol represented the perfection and balance between the male and female gender, a sort of Yin and Yang in short. The sign of infinity also appears in a series of mystical designs of Celtic knots, which just like the symbol of infinity have neither end nor beginning. The designs of the Celtic knot actually bear much resemblance to the Symbol of the double infinity, which is a representation of the “double absoluteness”. Some representations of the divine serpent Yormungand would refer specifically to this.

Modern times

The infinity symbol we recognize today was first discovered by the English mathematician John Wallis in 1655. It is a concept of mathematics and physics that refers to a quantity without limit or end – a quantity greater than any number. The word derives from the Latin infinitas or “unlimitedness”.

For the record, Scientology is referred to in this creed as the eighth dynamic, which is the drive for eternal and infinite existence. The eighth dynamic is also called “the supreme being” or “creator” – who embraces the totality and infinite capacity of all – Scientologists do not believe in reincarnation but are sure they have had “past lives”.

Ancient times

The infinite was originally known precisely as the lemniscate, which means “ribbon”, by ancient Greek mathematicians and philosophers. A concept similar to that inherent also in the Ouroboros, an ancient symbol that represents a snake that bites its tail. It represents infinite immortality, continuity, self-fertilization and eternal return. So we already see analogies of meaning, but from places, we are less familiar with.


Although the symbol of infinity has become typical of the mathematical and scientific sphere, it nevertheless arises in the religious sphere, which has allowed us to determine the spiritual and positive meanings described above.

What is the meaning of a necklace with the symbol of infinity?

For people of today this symbol is a representation of something infinite, like love or a connection. With the two interconnected circles, each representing one side of the relationship, he understands the idea of ​​being “together forever”.

The infinity symbol can be drawn in a continuous movement and has neither a beginning nor an end. It contains ideas of limitlessness and infinite possibilities.

While the concept of infinity or truly forever cannot be fully grasped, it represents the desire for something that can be eternal. This is why many couples choose to wear the infinity symbol as an accessory or tattoo to express their love and connection.

What does an infinity sign with an anchor mean?
Anchor Infinity Necklace

Anchor jewelry has become a very popular trend, but even more so if incorporated with an infinite sign. So why has it become so popular and what does it mean?

The anchor is seen as a sign of strength and stability, thanks to its function of keeping ships down. Together with infinity it represents strength in unity, connection, and world without borders and expressing an indissoluble and strong bond.

The symbol of infinity in other areas

In some areas outside mathematics, the symbol of infinity also drags other meanings, for example, has been used by bookbinders, to indicate that the book has been printed on acid-free paper. For this reason, these books will be more durable and will keep better over time.

In modern mysticism, the infinity symbol has been identified with a variant of the Uroboros, commonly known as ouroboros. An ancient image of a snake eating its tail which also symbolizes infinity.

The reasons for this association are quite evident. For this reason, the circle is also sometimes associated with this meaning.

The Uroboros is often depicted with a shape that resembles an eight, just to emphasize this parallelism, rather than in its more traditional circular shape.

infinite Uroboros

uroboros symbol

In the works of Vladimir Nabokov, including The Gift and Pale Fire, the figure eight is used symbolically to refer to the Moebius Ribbon and infinity. Incidentally, this parallelism is used in the description of the shapes of the bike’s tire tracks and in outlining the traits of some people he didn’t remember too well.

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