Delta symbol

delta symbol

The word symbol, which has its origin in the Greek symbol, is used to designate all kinds of signs (sign, emblem, image), used to represent something, such as, for example, a religious, scientific or cultural concept. Delta Symbol (difference sign ) ∆ is a mathematical sign which, like the capital letter Sigma (sum sign), was derived from the Greek alphabet. For example, if you have to enter a deviation more frequently in a table, you can use the abbreviations Diff. or dev. just put a delta sign.

Symbols are very important in our everyday communication process. Some are known universally and others only in restricted environments.

But every symbol, without exception, has the function of representing something to someone.

It is believed that some symbols do more than convey an identity, but are also a source of power transmission. As an example of a strong symbol that crossed millennia and is, until today, known worldwide is the cross, which represents Christianity.

In this article we will learn more about a sign that dates back to Ancient Greece and is still used today in many organizations: the Delta symbol.


delta symbol triangle

The origin of the Delta as a symbol is located in Ancient Greece and is loaded with meanings. Fourth letter of the Greek Alphabet, which corresponds to us to the letter D, the Delta, in its capital form (Δ), resembles an equilateral triangle. The triangle’s own symbolism as a geometric figure, by itself, already presents a wealth of meanings. In an esoteric interpretation, with its three sides joined, the triangle represents both the beginning, middle and end, as well as body, mind and spirit.

Even for the ancient Greeks, the Delta symbol represents the elements of nature: Water, Earth, Fire and Air, indicating the totality of the universe. We can thus say that the meaning of Delta is “the sum of all things”. It can also represent the end of a journey, the completion of a mission.

You can use the large delta character in Word, for example, for Greek writing, as a symbol for a difference, or as a Laplace operator. In this practical tip, we will show you different ways of inserting the large delta symbol in Microsoft Word and other office applications.

How to write the delta symbol in Word

In Microsoft Word you can write the delta symbol in different ways, namely via the Greek alphabet, the symbol selection and the formula editor. There are six ways to insert the delta character in Word:

  1. Hold down [Alt] and enter [9] [1] [6] on the number pad. This tip also works in many office applications and fonts.
  2. Simply copy the delta symbol from this practical tip and paste it into Word or Open Office. This also works in Notepad, Wordpad and other office applications: ∆
  3. Write “2206” and then press the key combination [Alt] + [c] to get the delta symbol. This tip is exclusive to MS Word.
  4. Do as in the illustration: Navigate to »Symbols« via »Insert« and click on the field «Symbol». Here either the delta symbol is already displayed (a), or you look for it under “further symbols …” (b).
  5. The following also works in DOCX files: Navigate to »Symbols« via »Insert« and click on «Formula». Now enter “\ inc” or select the ∆ symbol from the second line in the “Drafts” area under “Symbols”. Next to it is the Nabla operator.
  6. Alternatively, call up the Windows character table and enter “Delta” in the search field.

Delta sign over font

You can easily create the delta under Windows by changing the font. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Opens the writing or table program of your choice.
  2. Insert a capital D in the place where you want to insert the delta sign.
  3. Marks the D and selects the font symbol .
  4. Now your D should have been converted to a difference sign.
  5. If you write or convert a small d using the Smybol font, you get the lowercase letter Delta (δ).

Insert delta symbol Δ δ and difference sign ∆ in Office

You can find special characters such as the entire Greek alphabet and mathematical operators in the various office programs such as Microsoft Word, LibreOffice or OpenOffice under the Special Characters menu. To insert the different “deltas” in a document, you can also proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the Insert tab in your Office program and then on the Special characters menu item.
  2. In the following special character table you will find the different delta characters at the following location:
  3. description symbol Hexadecimal Decimal
    Delta (large) Δ U + 394 916
    Delta (small) δ U + 3B4 948
    differential characters Δ U + 2206 8710
  4. Select the respective delta and press the Insert button to insert the symbol in your document or table.


It is certainly in Freemasonry, a secret society, for philosophical and philanthropic purposes, that Delta’s symbolism finds one of the strongest and most significant examples: the All-Seeing Eye.

Also called the Luminous Delta, in a Masonic Temple this symbol is composed of a triangle (Delta) that has an “eye” inside, representing, in that environment, divine wisdom.


In Freemasonry, the All-Seeing Eye is also known as the All-seeing Eye and is behind the throne of the Venerable Master, inserted within an equilateral triangle. It must be positioned at a time when it is not covered by the Master when he is standing.

In a Masonic Temple, all members, when crossing the Equator at the Masonic Temple, must bow to the All-Seeing Eye. This represents, for Freemasons, spiritual knowledge, growth and mental strength. It also indicates the three principles of Freemasonry: Faith, Hope and Charity.


Delta’s symbology can also be found in one of the most powerful and well-known Jewish signs: the Star of David. It consists of the union of two overlapping triangles – one with the base up and the other with the base down. In Judaism, the Star of David, also known as “Shield of David”, indicates the junction of opposites. It can mean protection, union of feminine and masculine, as well as connection between heaven and earth.

This symbol was already used in 5,000 years BC


But it is not only in religious associations that we find the Delta symbol. It is also quite popular among tattoo enthusiasts. For them, tattooing a Delta (triangle) on the skin expresses a desire for change, especially if one side is not completely closed. Indicates that the person is open to all possibilities that may arise ahead. The choice of a Delta tattoo also attracts harmony, creativity and integration.

The Greek language has a historical record that originated more than 3400 years ago. It is a language developed in Greek territory, which belongs to the Indo-European branch, and which became the favorite writing system for much of the history of this nation. Its alphabet, created towards the ninth century BC, consists of 24 letters and the most complete of the time is presumed; its use continues to this day, mainly as mathematical, physical, computer and even hierarchical signs.

The fourth in the established order of these signs is “Delta”, represented as Δ, in uppercase, and δ, in lowercase, with a value of 4 within the Greek numbering system. Like the other Greek letters, within the nomenclature of applied sciences and mathematics, it is vitally important; It is generally used to refer to changes in the value of a variable, being massive or reduced depending on whether it is expressed in its upper or lower case form, the discriminators of a polynomial and the Laplacians.

However, today this symbol is also known for being one of the names with which a series of secret projects directed by the CIA were baptized, as is the MKDELTA. Such work of the Central Intelligence Agency was aimed at knowledge of the effects of certain chemical substances in the body, becoming the successor of the well-known MKULTRA project. In addition, it is the name of an American special operations unit, called 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (SFOD-D), better known as Delta Force

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